Posted by: Susan Gaddis | March 7, 2009

Letter from the eldership to the church

February 2009

Dear Father’s House Church Family,


We are writing to communicate some new vision that God has been speaking to us over the past few months. As many of you know and can even feel, we are in a new season of deep healing and spiritual growth as a church-community. God has been imparting hope into our hearts in addition to exciting vision for the future. God has been clarifying the calling, mission, and values He has given Father’s House and we know that God is leading us into something new. We as Father’s House leadership, look forward to receiving all that God has for us as a church-family.


One aspect of this new season and vision that God has been speaking to the Helmsmen about is the issue of giving Tom and Sue (our church-family’s “spiritual parents”) a much needed (and deserved) time of rest, recuperation and re-equipping. As you know Tom and Sue have been serving those of us within Father’s House for 30+ years, and without a real extended “breather” other than the short vacations they are able to take in between church responsibilities and projects. The Pastoral Team and Helmsmen consider it a true blessing that we are in a place to be able to bless Tom and Sue with a Sabbatical.


It is with this perspective that we ask you read Tom’s following letter which does an incredible job explaining and articulating what their plans are. Both the Pastoral Team and the Helmsmen know that Tom and Sue’s Sabbatical is part of a “bigger picture” of vision that God has for us at Father’s House. This decision was not made flippantly and has been discussed over a course of several months and with much prayer. We are confident that God is leading Tom and Sue to the Sabbatical, and that Father’s House will greatly benefit from honoring our spiritual parents in this regard. We look forward to all that the Gaddis’ will bring back to us from their time set apart to hear God for both their personal lives as well as for us as a church-family.


Filled with hope and vision,


Jeremy Sizemore, Mary Weber

Scott Morrell, Garth and Holly Jantzen, Val Sizemore, Rex Johnson, Vickie Mears


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