Posted by: Susan Gaddis | March 24, 2009

Sabbatical Boundaries

“You need to be as diligent and disciplined about ways you recover and rest as you are about how you stress and make a contribution to your work.” -Marcus Buckingham

We’re taking this quote to heart in the planning of boundaries for our sabbatical. Two weeks of just rest and recovery right at the get-go. We leave for a two week cruise next week and I won’t have to do any cleaning or cooking. Cell phones don’t work in the middle of the Pacific. Reading a good book on the deck and taking a few onboard classes seems like a real rest. Four days on four different Hawaiian islands will be paradise.

We also have stacks of books we want to read while on this two month sabbatical; some just for fun and some for retooling. Phone calls related to the church or work will be ignored. Trips to the zoo and beach with the grandkids are in the works. We plan to continue our morning coffee discussions over the things we are learning with Jesus and about ourselves.

We mean to explore the various coffee shops throughout San Luis Obispo County and hang out at Farmer’s Market in SLO on a few Thursday nights. We won’t even be attending Father’s House during this time, but will be able to sit in on some of the services our pastor friends host.

Simple boundaries, but not binding. They leave a lot of room for just “being” and enjoying each other and the Lord.

Susan Gaddis



  1. Oh, a cruise! Sublime. May luxurious relaxation overtake you and refresh you. I will be praying for you both–that God’s voice will speak words of affirmation and wisdom to you as you bask in His rest.

  2. Sounds so appealing! I’m so very glad for you both! Love your last line . . . go “be” and enjoy . . .

  3. I am so diggin’ this and real excited for you two.

    We’ll love and pray for you while you’re gone – and still love you if/when it’s difficult to return to us from sandy shores! Hehehee!

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