Posted by: Tom Gaddis | April 3, 2009

Two Encouragements

Last Sunday the Lord gave us two encouragements for this Sabbatical. The first was the Lord telling us that He is more excited about this Sabbatical then we are and that He is very much looking forward to our time together. The second was shared by a friend who had a flowering bush in his yard that had been a source of joy to him and very beautiful. One day the goats got to it and ate every flower and leaf from it…completely stripping it. It looked destroyed. But after water, fertilizer and some care, the beautiful bush came back. The encouragement was that the Lord is restoring us as well.




  1. Fertilizer…indeed.

    Even in the deepest of the deep, the Lord has a sense of humor. Seriously.

    He thinks of everything!

    Much love to you both,
    ~ m

  2. I love this!!! RESTORATION is His fame

  3. God is Amazing!!! His restoring power is almost unimaginable … but true!!! Love you guys!

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