Posted by: Susan Gaddis | April 11, 2009

Cruise Reflections

It was a good decision to start this sabbatical with a two week cruise. Eight days at sea interrupted by four days in Hawaii and one in Ensenada–two weeks in all. I was more tired and stressed then I realized when we began this trip. Quiet days of resting and staring at the ocean is very therapeutic. Not having to cook or clean helps too.

On the big island of Hawaii we rented a car and explored the volcano and a lava tube along with a wonderful botanical garden. Oahu was a great day to leisurely drive around the island. Tom loved the surfing beaches. We spent hours at Whiama Valley exploring the gardens and Tom went swimming under the waterfall. However. he wasn’t thrilled with the traffic back in Honolulu.

On Kauai we rented a convertible so Tom could relive his youth. It came with a Global Positioning System that had a lovely, female, English accent so we dubbed her “Fran.” She led us around wherever we wanted to go and made a fun companion who we often argued with when she got too directional. When Fran began to bug us, we simply turned her off.

On Maui we explored Lahaina and Tom snorkeled at Black Rock while I read a novel on the beach. It was rather overcast and later it really rained. While snorkeling, Tom enjoyed the company of a large sea turtle and was fascinated to hear the whales singing under the water.

Usually Tom is up at 5:30 or 6:00 and I join him shortly thereafter at the coffee shop around the corner from our room. Amy, from Italy, welcomes us each morning with a latte. Around 8:00 John and Pauline join us for a good visit and sometimes lunch at the Desert Rose where they serve traditional English lunches. John and Pauline are from London and have given us the background on Bangers and Mash and Traditional Cottage Pie. Great food! We have really enjoyed their company.

One of the great things about a cruise is the wonderful people you meet from all over the world. Many of the folks here took this cruise for the restful days at sea. This was our goal too and it has proven to be a good choice. Most of the time we have enjoyed finding a comfy chair with an ocean view and reading. Very restful.




  1. Great synopsis of what surely was a feast for the soul. Ken and I are planning our 25th anniv. trip to Hawaii…so we hope to be able to pick your brains about which places are best.

    Today we became grandparents again. See little Elliana on my blog.

  2. Don’t know if it was very nice to “turn Fran off”… 🙂

    We miss you guys and are stoked to hear that you are having a restful and refreshing time…

  3. Enjoying your tales of fun, sun, and swaying, snoring ships!

    GPS: Imagine how much more “directional” Fran might become if programmed with a testy Scottish brogue?

    “Meeooove it, laddy! Deeoo yew think we’ve all deeay tyoo go traipsing abeeoot!? Ain dyoon’t speechh tyoo me in thit tyoon! Peh me some attention when im talking tyoo yew!!…”

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