Posted by: Tom Gaddis | April 11, 2009

Restoring the Vrroomm

Sabbatical is like putting your foot on the brake of your car. It slows you down and brings you to a stop. People, like cars, can’t run and run and run. They need regular maintenance for maximum performance.

Our lives are vehicles carrying the love of God and the Word of God to our worlds, traveling the paths of righteousness and working at doing the will of God. In the course of time repairs beyond regular maintenance are required where the car is put into the shop for an extended time so that belts or head gaskets can be replaced.

So it is with a sabbatical. I feel as though I’ve been brought into God’s garage for repair and care. Under the Mechanic’s skillful hands my vrroomm will soon be restored.

Moving from this metaphor to movements of the Spirit within, I’m revisiting the foundations upon which my life has been established. But I can’t say why, yet. Present things being examined, prayed about, thought upon–calling, relationships, and doctrines all being revisited. People should do this every so often.




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