Posted by: Susan Gaddis | April 23, 2009

Embracing My Limitations

David G. Benner makes the following statement in his book Sacred Companions: “The goal of the Christian spiritual journey is not to become less human and more divine; it is to become more fully human. Salvation is not to rescue us from our humanity; it is to redeem our humanity.”

This thought comes at a time when I am discovering that I am growing older and I cannot do all the things I once did. I get tired easier. When once I could carry my grandchildren anywhere, I now think twice before picking up anyone over the age of 18 months. It takes longer to get some things done then it used to. Getting up from a prone position into a standing position is one.  Weeding the garden is another. My curves are in all the wrong places and they don’t seem to want to relocate. Being an older human is who I am–get used to it, Susan.

Benner goes on to say that, “Spirituality that apparently makes us more like God but fails to make us more genuinely human actually destroys our personhood. If embracing humanness was good enough for Jesus, how can we despise it?”

I just had my 58th birthday. Growing older is human and so are all the attachments that go with the ageing journey. This sabbatical is a good time to ponder that fact. I need to redefine how I embrace my ageing humanity and its limitations before I go back to work and automatically take on the work load I just left.

I do realize that there is a lot more of my humanity that needs to be redeemed, but at the moment it is this aspect that I am considering.




  1. Wow… great thoughts. I am only 32 and starting to experience some of those limitations already. Your words resonate in my heart and I think I am starting to make peace with and even welcome human limitations. I think acknowledging and welcoming those limitations actually could welcome the presence of God. “Daddy, I can’t do this, I need you to come and help me.”

  2. That sounds like a really good book! It’s cool how we can interact with the words of an author – I think that’s how I come to feel like they are friends who I can visit with any time, any place. How often I’ve opened to a page that spoke to me right where I was at!
    I really relate to your thoughts on aging and acceptance. Thanks!

  3. How refreshing, insightful, thought-provoking, comforting, and genuinely mature this is.

    I love and appreciate your shared thoughts and feelings with us. (Love your comments, too, Jer and Donna.)

    Much, much love…
    ~ m

  4. yummy!!! The art of slow living!!!! Smell the flowers and show the world to smell the flowers, laugh with the kids and they will laugh, love it..

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