Posted by: Susan Gaddis | May 27, 2009

Falling Down a Sabbatical

IMG_0144Sabbaticals are not suppose to end this way, but this one did. As Tom explained in the last  post, life interrupts.

This lovely photo is of my swollen, black and blue left foot. (Thought I’d get a little more personal then usual in this post.)

It looks much better then it did last week and I’m sure it will look worse after surgery.

So, for all you sabbatical planners—never write anything so firmly on your day planner that it can’t be adjusted by lurking curbs and falling grandmothers. At least I am in good company as Lisfranc Fracture Dislocation is often experienced by football players and equestrians.

My "office" for the next three weeks
My “office” for the next three weeks

This lovely Better Homes and Gardens photo is of my new office. Note the storm-trooper boot to the right of the desk which I understand is the latest fashion for recovering Lisfranc Fracture cosmopolitan ladies. Hidden from sight is the collapsible bookcase cleverly positioned under the desk. The lovely view offered from this cozy workstation is the porch and wicker furniture seen in the above photo.

My laptop is concealed within the black bag (with cute pink lining) and the stains on the couch only add to the ambiance of the whole decor. Two coffee spills in recent days have enhanced the brown color scheme of this adorable room.

My son, Jon, helped put the temporary, portable, and plastic cabinet on the back wall to hold the books that people order from our website ( How I will get those items to the post office to mail hasn’t been figured out yet, but I’m sure my darling, handsome, clever butler, er… husband, will be available to also function as my mailman. He really has been waiting on me hand and foot…wonderful man that he is. However, for some reason he has hid the little golden bell he would ring when he needed help during his Valley Fever recovery a few years ago. Hummmm….

So, tomorrow afternoon is surgery and then recovery. I’ll keep you posted.




  1. YIKES! OUCH! Rats!

    Please call on me for trips to the post office or just anything.

  2. hello! i came across your blog searching for other lisfranc fracture victims. I have made a blog solely for my right foot to write about my experiences and i’m always looking for others who understand to read and share insight! as a fair warning, i sometimes use swear words as a way to express my frustration in a humorous way but i do not mean to offend anyone! so if you’re interested my blog is (my friend decided to name my foot joan)

    hope you are recovering quickly!

  3. Hi! Read your blog and enjoyed it. I hope you are doing better. I chose to use my down time reading and taking some online classes. Not too exciting, but it did help keep the blues away by keeping me thinking on other things. I have been able to work most of the time since most of what I do is a sit down job.

    Just to encourage you, I had my screw taken out 9 days ago and tomorrow the stitches come out. Then the doctor says he will take me out of the boot and put me in a tennis shoe. By tennis shoe he means one of the expensive kinds for walking, which will hold my foot firmer together then a regular tennis shoe or other type of shoe. So that will be 10 weeks since surgery. Much faster then the doctor had originally told me. So hang in there!

    I plan to post the lastest news on my blog after I get back from the doctor’s office tomorrow (, so if the tennis shoe advancement doesn’t come through, the world will hear about it!

    Oh, by the way. My boot lost its air cushion ability after about 6 weeks of use. Doc said it was normal and didn’t say I had to get a new one. Interesting. Hope yours hangs in there longer.

    All in all, I hope you are out of your boot in 10 weeks instead of 3 months and that you can drop the crutches sooner (I did). I’ll check into your blog to see how you are doing. And yes, it is good to know other people who are struggling with this foot thing.

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