Posted by: Tom Gaddis | June 1, 2009

Pain, Pain Go Away

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.

Psalm 147:3 NLT

Sue went into surgery this last Thursday evening and had a pin inserted into the side of her left foot serving to keep her metatarsal bones together until they can reunite with their ligament. Her foot was then encased in a plaster cast to insure that she would be safe from further injury and hold bones and ligament in proper alignment as they heal.

The doctor, feeling good about the surgery, sent us home with instructions to keep her foot lifted up above her heart for the next five days.

The first day home, adjusting to the pain, the meds, the wheelchair, as well as the loss of abilities to get around was miserable for Sue. But with the help of friends and family massaging, caring, and praying for her, I think she’s on her way to recovering.

To all of you, “Thank you.”

Do any of you have any practical advice for us on how to best move through this recovery in the next several months?

As for myself, the sabbatical ends tomorrow, June 2nd, and I will ease back into work. However, I will be staying close to home until I’m comfortable Sue is able to get along on her own.

In thinking about Sue’s cast I would like to offer up a question regarding emotional healing. It occurred to me that what is true of physical healing may also be true of our soul’s healing. When you are hurt—tearing bone from ligament, or in my friend Chris Hallquist’s case, breaking a number of leg and ankle bones—there’s always the put-your-broken-bone-in-a-cast-phase of healing. The purpose of the cast is to keep the injured part of your body stable and motionless. It’s not a time for a lot of activity.

We all get wounded and broken by life–divorce, betrayal by someone we trusted, loss of a job, being taken advantage of by a business partner, or experience a grievous loss of someone. Many walk around with these wounds unhealed. It seems they need our Great Physician, Jesus, to apply a spiritual cast to their broken places.

So what do you think a “spiritual cast” looks like? And what has been helpful to you in recovering from an emotional trauma? Let us know in the comment section below.




  1. SOOOO sorry to hear about Sue’s injury. Will keep you in thoughts and prayers as you go through the healing process.

    Here are a couple of hopefully helpful hints to get you through this time.

    1. Do some deep breathing SEVERAL times a day. Especially since you’ll be spending more time sitting, you need to keep your blood oxygenated and your organs functioning. It also helps blow away the blues and depression, so do it as many times as you can each day and before you go to bed each night.

    2. Move what you can. Even if all you can do is stretch your good leg and do a few leg or ankle circles, do that for a few minutes 2 or 3 times a day. You can also keep your upper body strong by pushing down on the sides of your chair or wheelchair AS IF you were going to lift yourself up (you don’t really have to lift yourself up though, do this as an isometric). Also a few wrist and arm circles and palm presses in front of your chest will keep the rest of your body from getting weak during this time.

    3. Watch funny movies. Rent all your favorites and laugh to your heart’s content. Laughter really is a good medicine.

    I know you’ll be taking care of all the spiritual stuff and that He will guide you into amazing places, but hope these little practical tips will help as well.
    With love, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan, those were really good suggestions and I will follow them. I can’t put any weight on the foot or bear down on it so I am doing a lot of work with my arms. I will try the wrist and arm circles also.

  3. find time to do the things that refill our tanks!!!! Emotionally, physically and spiritually! I once saw a great counselor who said that if we don”t get the body chemically rebalanced sometimes then we will never get to the spiritual.(relating to depression) So I think that digging down deep to care for our flesh for a bit will actually help the spiritual. See you tomorrow.

  4. Hi Julie

    thanks for your comment. we love you. you are a great example of love and compassion and passion for Jesus.


  5. When I think of a spiritual cast, The first thing that comes into my mind is : Be still and know that I am God! As an injured person you have to give consent to allow the Doctors and Nurses to work on you, In the same way a spiritually injured person has to give God consent to spiritually treat them or apply a spiritual cast. It involves trust and surrender. As with a cast ,It can be clumsy,hot and itchy,but it must be endured for proper healing.

  6. i like those thoughts terry, especially the idea of consent/surrender. both are such easy-to-say but hard often to do. also thank you for the great help you gave to us yesterday. we love you, tg

  7. When I think of a spiritual cast the first thing that comes to mind is surrender. There is something that comes with the inability to do for yourself. I’m remembering a time in my life when I was incapacitated. That was a time when I learned so much, not only about myself and what I was made of, but also about those around me. When you have no choice but to really let go and let those around you LOVE you, something special happens.

  8. Those are some good comments. I like the “surrender” part that Lyn mentioned. So true yet so hard. Thank you!

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