Posted by: Susan Gaddis | June 4, 2009

Sabbath Fun

IMG_0123So why does the mention of Sabbath cause people to feel burdened and bored? Sabbath is meant to be a delight and a time of fun (see Isaiah 58:13)!

Some weeks ago, before our curb attacked my foot, Tom and I enjoyed a Sabbath in Carpinteria, California with our friends Rob and Fran Graham. One of the highlights was a long dinner in the garden of Giannfranco’s Trattoria. The food was awesome! I mean really, really awesome. Like you don’t want to stop eating awesome. I’m sure we all gained 10 pounds. The company was delightful and my husband was really putting Isaiah 58:13 into full throttle.

IMG_0124Of course Fran, the proper English lady, quickly put the lovely fresh flowers back into their proper location with Tom’s teeth marks up and down the stems. I think he kept one to chew on while waiting for our appetizers.

In his book, Sabbath, Dan B. Allender says, “Sabbath is far more like hanging out with God in a French cafe’ drinking an espresso and talking about Simone de Beauvoir and listening to cool jazz. If that sounds like torture to you, then Sabbath is more like a country fair pig roast after the judging of the calf competition.”

I think that is a wonderful description. The presence of the Lord, friends, great conversation, good food, and a lot of laughter–now that is a great Sabbath.




  1. I totally agree with your desctiption of what Sabbath is meant to be! We had an amazing Sabbath Weekend! I am thankful that carnations aren’t poisonous…I still can’t believe that Tom thought the flowers were plastic!!! What fun and laughter we all had.

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