Posted by: Susan Gaddis | June 9, 2009

Spiritual Purpose

Scotland 130Having spiritual purpose seems to be a musing during this rest-stop on my journey. Especially since I feel so useless in so many ways except for what I can do from the confines of a couch or a wheelchair.

Temporary, yes, but a motivation to consider what is really important in the investment of my journey.

  • What am I becoming?
  • Do I look more like Jesus today then I did a year ago?
  • Did I make Him proud today?
  • How am I treating the most important people in my life?

I think Joan Chittister put it well in her book, The Gift of Years, “If we do not become the ‘spiritual elders’ of our time, what was the spiritual purpose of all our earlier years? … will a younger generation remember what our lives said to them about experience, survival, and persistence, about living in such a way that their own mortality has meaning?”

What is your spiritual purpose? What are the questions you are asking yourself that help you focus on your spiritual purpose? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!




  1. For the past ten years my spiritual purpose has revolved around the growing realization that “just my presence” in a place (because of Christ IN ME, the hope of glory) can make a difference for God’s kingdom. Results are rarely immediate. More often, months and years pass before I see tender shoots coming out of soil I tilled and watered. Usually I’m caught by surprise–a smile here, a remembrance there–a light shining out of eyes once dull from hopelessness. Bob Sorge’s exhortation to endure spoke right into my life and directly to my doubts.

    Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief–that pointing people to Jesus by allowing Him to speak and act through me is the life of purpose You planned for me before the world began…

  2. Good thoughts! Thanks for sharing them.

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