Posted by: Susan Gaddis | June 18, 2009

Preventing “Grouchy Old Men” Disease

shopping with grandpaThere are some things that only grandchildren can pull out of a man.

Have you ever noticed how a grandfather will do the most unusual things when it comes to engaging his grandchildren? Playing “horsey,” attacking the little ones with a gnarled hand as “The Claw,” or teaching them how to play “Suck a Bug” with the vacuum cleaner hose are all part of this man’s portfolio.

Even walking through Vons pushing three granddaughters in a grocery car doesn’t seem to deter this distinguished Atascadero pastor.

Of course Tom learned these amusing antics as a father and our children were the first to suffer. But  to watch him with his salt and pepper hair playing his games with the grandchildren really does affirm his internal youthfulness.

I believe that engaging your grandchildren at their laughter level may be the best preventative measure for “Grouchy Old Men Disease” that you can find. When we get to the age where we can no longer act ridiculously with children, then we are truly old.

One of the things that makes Sabbath a delight is play. At least once a week we are given a whole day to play and delight in the goodness of God’s gift of children and grandchildren. It is part of God’s secret antidote to ageing.




  1. Your opening line is surely worth its weight (and wait) in gold!

    All of it…so good!

  2. We want to see the video of “the grandfather” playing “the claw” and “suck the bug”!!! Your fans demand evidence of such games so we can imitate properly.

    • Sorry Pam

      Only 4 year olds and younger can grasp the nuances and depths of these games, but could I interest you in checkers? Love, t.g.

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