Posted by: Susan Gaddis | June 23, 2009

JOEBELLA, Coffee, Tea & Espresso Bar

“Decaffeinated coffee is kinda like kissing your sister.” —Bob Irwin

coffee shops 001I never drink decaffeinated when ordering a Mexican Mocha at JOEBELLA  in Templeton. That would be heresy! 

Joebella’s is located just off the Vineyard exit in Templeton and is a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee before shopping next door at Trader Joe’s. It makes for a nice retreat on a hot, California Sabbath day.

This place has the absolutely best Mexican Mocha–spicy, hot, and it lingers. Several of the staff are friends, which makes visiting extra fun. The wall decor varies from time to time with what I assume is the work of local artists. One month you might have paintings while the next will be wood stamping–always original stuff that requires a second look.

The only negative, and it is probably because we are not age 25 any longer, is that the noise level can increase as folks drop in. I think it may be the design of the high ceilings that causes the extra volume. So for that reason, I give Joebella a rating of 8.  –Susan

Joebella’s has the friendliest staff in the county and the second best cappuccino. I agree with Sue that the noise level can be annoying as the sound bounces from ceiling to floor to eardrum. I would rate my experience here with a 9. –Tom

Comments, coffee musings, or critics–let us know your thoughts.



  1. Wow Susan , thanks for the nice review. Yes the noise level can be an issue– I’ll work on some ideas for that–Joseph

  2. You are welcome. We look forward to enjoying a lot more coffee at Joebella’s.

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