Posted by: Susan Gaddis | June 30, 2009

Cafe’ Andreini

“Moms and dads: Unattended children will receive an espresso and a free puppy.” –sign posted at Cafe’ Andreini

IMG_0202I grew up in Arroyo Grande when the Village was mostly all there was to the town. I seem to remember what is now Cafe’ Andreini being Peggy’s Dress Shop–my mom’s favorite clothing store. I used to hide amidst the forest of hanging clothes when she became distracted until she would panic and come looking for me.

One of the buildings next door might have been Peggy’s as the buildings all looked alike to me back then. However, my favorite place in the Village was Bennett’s Grocery where I could charge ice cream cones on my dad’s account after school. I often got in trouble for that too.

Cafe’ Andreini is a local gathering place for a lot of folks. Really, all ages seem to find a fit at this cafe’. Two young boys played behind our perch on the couch as we enjoyed our coffee while several young men sat engrossed in their laptops. Nearby were two soccer moms talking about their summer and, as we left, there were several old guys (besides us) getting their coffee and joining some other old guys at a front table.

IMG_0195The various size tables means you can always find somewhere to sit that suits you. A one-size- fits-all bathroom seems to be adequate, and the coffee is fine. Their salads are great too. I admired the oatmeal bar, but restrained myself. Good music is advertised for various evenings–another brownie point.

The antique tin high ceilings are beautiful, but seem to enhance the noise level in the big room, especially when the staff is grinding coffee. The additional outdoor seating is nice for quiet conversation and observing the life of the Village that passes by.

In the back of the coffee shop you will find comfy couches and more tables. On your way you  pass by the little gift area Andreini’s has along one wall and the items really are appealing. All in all, I give this coffee shop a rating of 8. –Susan


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