Posted by: Susan Gaddis | July 4, 2009

6 Sunday Morning Stress Busters

photo by Dez Pain

photo by Dez Pain

Sunday morning can be the most stressful morning of the week. Stress busters help keep family life sane and church enjoyable.

Did you know that Tom and I once left one of our children at church after Sunday morning service? It had been a hectic morning and heading home was no exception.  We didn’t discover the child was missing until we unloaded the car.

So, how do you avoid abandoning your child on the church steps? How can you keep your Sunday free of complexities and stress related feelings? After all, isn’t Sabbath suppose to be about rest, peace, celebrating Jesus, and fellowship?

Sunday Morning Stress Busters

Here are 6 ways to keep your Sunday Sabbath stress free:

1.  Set clothes out the night before for Sunday service (if that is when you practice Sabbath). Give your younger children choices between several different specific outfits to wear, “Do you want to wear the green shirt or the blue?” By limiting a young child’s choices the child feels he has some control, but you don’t have to play the “go through every dress” routine with the girls or the “I don’t care” routine with the boys. This will save your sanity.

2.  Take a half hour the day before and have everyone in the family help to tidy the house up. Make it a game if you have younger kids. Don’t go for perfection here, just “tidy.”

3.  Plan and prepare as much of your meals as you can ahead of time. Pull out the jello recipes, pop the oven roasts in the frig ready to put in the oven after church, and try that make-ahead french toast recipe your girlfriend gave you.

4.  Leave a little early for church so you can arrive without feeling rushed and still have time to fellowship with folks before service. I remember one Easter when my mom realized she had rushed too fast to church as my three year old sister bowed at the end of the Easter production. By then the whole world knew, along with Mom, that the cute little thing had no panties on. Don’t make this mistake, moms.

5.  Don’t over plan your day. This is a rest day unto the Lord, not a cram-it-all-in-day unto yourself or unto your family. If you feel obligated to get some work done, complete some project, or go to every kid’s soccer game until you drop, reconsider Who this day is really about and what it is for. Rest, reflect, and enjoy.

6. And finally, count how many kids you have in the car before you pull out of the church parking lot.




  1. I love the balance both you and Tom have between practicality and humor!

  2. I know….I the one with the humor, right? 🙂

  3. I meant the both of you, of course!! Sometimes maybe one more than the other?
    Oh, and by the way – #4 – been there (don’t tell Carly I told you though!) 🙂

  4. I left Amy at church one time!! Didn’t realize it till I ran out of gas in the Lucky”s parking lot..that was not one of my better days!

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