Posted by: Susan Gaddis | July 30, 2009

More Ways to Make Sabbath Special

Recently we posted some ideas for making your Sabbath special. Here are a few more ideas to help make your Sabbath different from the other days of the week regardless of which day you practice Sabbath.



1. Read Psalm 92 together as a family or alone in your private devotions. This is the traditional Sabbath Psalm.

2. Take a walk in the park, woods or on the beach and appreciate the Creator.

3. Invite a family over for dinner. Sabbath is all about community in fellowship with the Lord and His people.

4. Jewish tradition expects a couple to enjoy intimacy on the Sabbath. So, put your young children down for a nap while you enjoy a “nap” with your spouse.

5. Sit on the porch and observe life flowing up and down your street, the noises that speak of life and the people who make up your world. Appreciate the Giver of Life.


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