Posted by: Tom Gaddis | August 8, 2009

Sabbath Future

A current and future joy is my granddaughter, Paisley.

A current and future joy is my granddaughter, Paisley.

You have more future ahead of you than you have past behind you.

This at once is both a hope-filled statement and a discouraging word.  If the days ahead overflow with beautiful sunsets, the love of friends, laughter and deep joy, then bring it on. However, if the future promises more of the same—anxieties, root canals, unpaid medical expenses, troublesome knee joints, to-do-lists, friends dying—then “no thanks.”

But thank God, a Sabbath is coming that will change all this. Scripture pictures for us a coming rest, or time, when God will restore all that is broken, raise up all that is fallen, and establish his glorious reign.

Like a movie trailer of coming attractions, we see this in the miracles of Jesus.

Jesus healed six different people on the Sabbath. Each of these was a preview of the kingdom to come! Each was a sign of how the world ought to be and someday will be: a world without death, sickness, or satan. (I’ve always had trouble acknowledging satan as a “proper” noun.)

This breathtaking day is coming.

In the mean time, I’m thinking about weekly Sabbaths. In what sense are they rehearsals for the coming rest of God? My typical Sabbath is without raising the dead or healing the sick. My laid back Sabbath is a preview of things to come—rest, enjoying the Lord, laughter, family, friends, celebrating the life He has given me and enjoying the healing He has brought to my days.

In what ways is your Sabbath a preview of things to come?

Care to share your thoughts?



  1. This was a timely and encouaging word for me, Tom. My mom has decided to refuse any more chemotherapy. She told my dad the other day “in three months I’ll be gone.” We’re not sure where she came up with that timeframe, but the finality of her words caused a shift within me that doesn’t feel good. So I’m grateful that the Sabbath IS coming. She is ready. I need to be more ready.

    Can’t let your comment about lowercasing Satan pass me by. Satan is one of the devil’s given names, just the same as Lucifer. In English, we captialize all given names, proper or improper! Capitalizing a name doesn’t give it any honor or importance. It’s just a grammar rule. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments. My Mom too has recently annpunced that she hopes she is no longer with us come December. She seems depressed and lacking purpose otherwise, she’s quite healthy. I am sad for her.

      Thanks for your sharing and I do know the proper noun rule is not a honorary title, its just a habit from my Bible College days and another thing peculiar about me that you now know!

      Your Friend,


  2. Thank you, Tom, for the words of hope.
    HE is my hope!

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