Posted by: Susan Gaddis | August 18, 2009

Seattle’s Best at Borders

 BordersSettle into a comfy chair and a good read at Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop at Border’s in San Luis Obispo. Borders is right off the 101 freeway at 243 Madonna Road.

A huge magazine collection and a variety of books to peruse make enjoying a cup of coffee ideal. If you want to enjoy coffee and companionship, go elsewhere.

I like Seattle’s Best coffee. Some people don’t. Four years ago in Dublin, I found a Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop and planted myself there every morning. Exploring the city had to wait.

The coffee is just as good here. Tom loves his lattes and I love my mochas—not over roasted, but strong. The prices are comparable to Starbucks.

The various food items are simple sandwiches and bakery items. You can purchase whole bean coffee to brew at home. Various mugs are also for sale. (I love a sturdy mug.)

The service staff makes a habit of coming around to offer you a taste of this or that along with a sample of a popular beverage. It works. I’m game. I’m in. I’ll buy.

On a scale of 1 to 5, we rate Seattle’s Best at Borders a 5.


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