Posted by: Susan Gaddis | August 30, 2009

Holy as the Day is Spent

I enjoy this recording of Carry Newcomer’s song, Holy as the Day is Spent. It speaks to my desire to see holiness in the everyday duties of my life.

Therese of Lisieux, in her Story of a Soul, said that Christ was most abundantly present to her not “during my hours of prayer…, but rather in the midst of my daily occupations.” What a wonderful approach to a sometimes boring life–engaging Christ in our ordinary chores and activities!

I appreciate the view that Kathleen Norris takes toward the ordinary. “It is the daily tasks, daily acts of love and worship that serve to remind us that our religion is not strictly an intellectual pursuit…, but a way of life.”

May your week be full of the holy enmeshed in the daily.



  1. Thanks for this reminder and the blessing. I face a rather ordinary week (well..maybe). But I intend to watch for evidences of holiness.

  2. I”m gad He receives my “common day” things! They are what I have right now..and they are seeming common. (school, homework, laundry,cooking,sleep and do it again..) I love the way He shows Himself in the midst of these!!

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