Posted by: Tom Gaddis | September 5, 2009

Musings About the Creator

1079849_sunset_-_hdrMusing about the Creator happens when you least expect it. Away at the coast this last Saturday, Sue and I sat stunned watching the sun slide into the horizon with a spectacular display of color.

Elizabeth Browning wrote, “Earth is crammed with heaven. Every bush is aflame with the fire of God, but only those who see take off their shoes. The rest just pick the berries.”

This was one of those drop-your-berries moments. A moment when you see God’s handiwork and gasp, “Wow,” “Woe,” or “O my gosh!”

Have you noticed that our Father in Heaven has a fondness for such displays? He’s the creator extraordinaire—making plants, planets, ants and atom until all creation is alive, buzzing, and filled with colors, fragrance and activity—declaring, “Glory to God.”

G.K. Chesterton says that when it comes to creating, God is like a child on a swing who enjoys it so much, cries out, “Do it again, do it again.”  

So God couldn’t just create a Monarch butterfly, he did it again and again until he had fashioned 20,000 varieties of butterflies. The same was true beneath the ocean. The seas were not designated the exclusive hood for anchovies. No, that wouldn’t do. So Creator God added 22,000 other species as well.

Was our Creator showing off in the flower department or what? Yellow daisies, purple snapdragons, and dark red roses are awesome, but I think God was intoxicated with the joy of the first flower and said, “Again, again, again!” When he was done there were 250,000 varieties of flowers in bloom.

Thousands—I suspect God is fond of thousands more than other numbers:

  • 800,000 classes of insects crawling the planet
  •    25,000 stars striking the naked eye
  •     5,000 different types of microscopic diatoms strutting their colors
  •     2,000 types of mushroom pushing through the sod of planet earth

Connecting the dots between creation and our life, Jesus would remind us, “Are you not much more valuable than they?” God, who knows the minutia of your life, is at this very moment paying loving attention to you. 

In these fading days of summer, step away from the berries and ask, “What are some of God’s thousands that grab my attention?”



  1. Thousands of words in thousands of languages spoken by thousands of worshippers like you, Tom.

    • HI Jeanette
      I think you are our most faithful reader on this blog. Thank you–you’re awesome and I heard you did a great job last night in SLO. BLessing

  2. What always strikes me is that this marvelous creation we see is broken. It is not as God originally designed. When I look at beautiful snow covered mountains, what I am looking at is something pushed up by disastrous and tumultuous tectonic activity. Volcanos make incredibly beautiful sunsets. My point: If what is broken is so incredible, how must it have been before sin entered the world and how much more beauty does God have planned for those who love Him! 🙂 Keeps you humble, I think. 🙂

  3. Lilly–You’re absolutely right. Creation (at best) is dog-eared, faded, and a broken version of what it was and shall be. I heard whales singing under water recently, but was thinking in the new creation, who knows, maybe they’ll be singing poetry! Nice hearing from you and I look foreard to having you & your family come up soon. tg

  4. Thank you Tom!!! When we first moved to Modoc county the Lord told me to rest. I kept asking for more things to do and yet he only told me to rest. I fought and fought and finally gave in to His plan. Through that wonderful and glorious time of rest, I began to see Him everywhere. Glorious sunsets, huge flocks of thousands of cranes and swans and geese, oceans of sage and in the amazing gold of the aspen in the fall. He has surrounded me with His beauty because He loves ME! Meadow Larks sing His glory every day for me to hear. We live in the migratory flight path for many speces of water fowl. I am amazed at His creativity. When I first saw a cinnamon teal I almost cried. He did this all for us. Yes, I agree, Do it again, Lord!

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