Posted by: Susan Gaddis | September 22, 2009

Genesee Home for Rest and Refreshing

View from a Genesee Home bedroom

View of the Prayer Barn from a Genesee Home bedroom

Genesee Home is a wonderful location for Sabbath rest and refreshing.

Located on a valley ranch of 1,600 acres in the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, this lovely home becomes a week long retreat for people in ministry.

The large Victorian home has been beautifully decorated and each bedroom has a comfortable bed, desk, seating area and magnificent view. Each comes with a large, private bath.

A full library is located next to the Prayer Barn which provides couches, a warm fire and a wall of windows overlooking the mountains. This is the perfect place for prayer or just to watch a storm rain down over the mountains and valley as I did one November day.

Genesee Home dining room

Genesee Home dining room

  All guests enjoy dinner together in the evening, gathering in the large dinning room for a very short devotional during the meal. However, there are times when the discussion is so interesting that folks linger long into the evening over coffee and cookies.

A hearty breakfast and lunch are provided during certain hours of the day. Each day’s menu is unique and one of my favorite activities is to stop by and visit in the huge kitchen as Lorraine prepares the gourmet meals.

The week is designed to provide rest and refreshing for those who serve in ministry. The days are unstructured except for the short discussion time during the evening meal and  the Wednesday afternoon ladies tea in the parlor and men’s coffee time in the Prayer Barn.
An old fashioned tire swing in the yard

An old fashioned tire swing in the yard


The countryside is beautiful and walking, hiking and biking are favorite activities. Bikes, canoes, and fishing equipment are provided along with a full library, gym, and game room. Tubing is available in the winter along with a good snowball fight!

A ministry couple (or a single person) arrives on Sunday afternoon and leaves on Friday morning.
Meadow bedroom

Meadow bedroom


Your host couple, Charlie and Bev Blom will make this a Sabbath time something you will never forget. Their care to the details of your stay at Genesee Home will inspire you to return to ministry as one who has been served and can now serve once again.


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