Posted by: Susan Gaddis | September 24, 2009

Friday Sabbath

IMG_0655Tom and I practice Sabbath on Fridays. Today he asked me if I had any thoughts on how we can spend the day tomorrow as it will be Friday. I felt such a freedom in responding, “Nope, haven’t a clue.”

It is such a blessing to experience freedom from agendas, day planners, menus, obligations, phone calls, and shoulds on our once a week stop-day. That doesn’t mean we won’t come up with a plan to visit a coffee shop, hit the beach, or thaw some chicken to bar-b-que for dinner. The only regular agenda we observe is time together sharing our God thoughts.

As I grow older, I am convinced that stopping is an important spiritual discipline. Contrary to the mindset of many Christians, going and doing are not the signposts of success in ministry. Knowing when and where to stop, rest and listen gives definition to success. Without the stopping there is no observation and reflection. Without reflection, there is no health. Without health, there is no life. Without life, there is no ministry.

Tom and I are still amazed at how few people in ministry really know how to stop. Taking a regular Sabbath is not practiced much in our arena of ministerial friends. Practicing Sabbath isn’t taught in Bible college or at most conferences. I am not being critical, as we have only been keeping Sabbath ourselves for a year, but I am being observant.


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