Posted by: Susan Gaddis | October 8, 2009

Is Taking a Sabbatical Selfish?

92296_the_stress_Does taking a sabbatical mean that I am selfish? Would I consider exercise, a healthy diet, or talking with a therapist selfish? I don’t think so!

Maintaining emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health is always the right call, which means a good self-care plan can include a periodic sabbatical. A well designed sabbatical will minister to all arenas of health.

Last Thursday I focused on signs of burnout. Many people headed for burnout do not consider taking a sabbatical because they believe to do so would be selfish. Perhaps looking at it from the other end of the leash will bring a different perspective.

  • It is selfish to become distant from your family.
  • It is selfish to ignore your health.
  • It is selfish to be tense all the time.
  • It is selfish to excuse your anger to those who have to endure your outbursts.
  • It is selfish to be so fatigued that you can’t give your best at work.
  • Is it selfish that your work suffers because of  your negative attitude.
  • It is selfish to worry.

Arranging an extended amount of time to rejuvenate is part of taking care of yourself. Avoiding a sabbatical may be the most selfish thing you can do.



  1. i think i see a theme developing here . . .

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