Posted by: Susan Gaddis | October 15, 2009

10 Benefits of a Sabbatical

547915_business_timingOnce the privilege of pastors and academics, the practice of a Sabbatical is now spreading to other professions within corporate America.

Taking the time for a sabbatical can nurture your soul, advance your career, give you an opportunity to visit that orphanage in China you have always wanted to help, or live in another country for a period of time.

Take a look at ten other benefits a Sabbatical can bring to your life and business.

1. Renewed passion, refreshed vision, and greater creativity

2. Enhanced productivity and longer tenure once you go back to work

3.  Your talents and skills refreshed and sharpened

4. An opportunity to strengthen your marriage and family

5. A season spent pursuing dreams, such as sailing around the world or furthering your education

6. A witness to the local community of the value a business or a church places on its employees

7. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health regained

8. An opportunity to investigate what it is that gives your life meaning and purpose

9. If you are in a corporate setting, a sabbatical can be a time for junior colleagues to fill in and demonstrate their talents. If you are a pastor, you may return to a church that has learned to use others within the congregation to do some of the jobs you once covered. How wonderful for you to come home to a fellowship that is doing the work of the ministry instead of relying on you to do most of it!

10. Rest


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