Posted by: Susan Gaddis | October 29, 2009

Finding a Sabbatical Purpose

1209716_writingA sabbatical needs a purpose. Without clearly stated goals a sabbatical can morph into wasted time and energy. 

Grab a pencil and scribble some notes that will give your sabbatical meaning. Following are some questions to get you started.

1. What do you want to accomplish during your sabbatical? When you go back to your job, what is it that will make you feel that your hiatus from work was worth it?

2. How much time away is available for your sabbatical–two months, six months, or a year? Be realistic in your answer. Is this enough time to accomplish your sabbatical purpose? If not, what can you do to extend your sabbatical or readjust your goal?

3. What sort of activities do you need to schedule into your sabbatical to help you reach your goal?

4. Busyness can kill a sabbatical. What activities should you cut out of your life to leave room for the important ones you want to experience during your time away?

 5. How will you know that you have accomplished your purpose? What will you look for as a confirmation that you have fulfilled your objective?

6. Would the important people in your life agree with what you have written? Why or why not?

Revisit this list in several weeks to see if it still holds true for you. Fine tuning your intentions may take several rewrites, but the reward will be a sabbatical well spent.

© copyright 2009 by Susan Gaddis

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