Posted by: Tom Gaddis | November 17, 2009

Taking Blessings For Granted

104692_fresh_foodDo you ever take life’s blessing for granted? Strolling through a Farmer’s Market, a mother felt the tug of her five-year-old daughter towards a stack of juicy oranges. The vendor, seeing the little girls beaming face, reached out and handed her one.

Moved by his act of generosity, the mom looked down and coached her daughter, “Honey, what do you say to the nice man?” With a quizzical look the daughter held the orange back up to him saying, “Peel it?”

Like the little girl, we take for granted our daily lives—lives crammed with an extraordinary amount of gifts and blessings. Unlike the little girl, we adults have had years of growing accustomed to our blessings. We have become thankless.

Blessed for so long, we start to see life’s oranges no longer as gifts, but as entitlements. We come to think we deserve them because we’re smarter, or made better choices, or worked harder than others.

But the truth is otherwise. Paul, the man who could never write without acknowledging the grace of God, points out, “What do you have that God hasn’t given you? And if everything you have is from God, why boast as though it were not a gift?” (1 Cor. 4:7 NLT).

So rather than being like the rooster who thought he brought the dawn, let’s express more gratitude saying, “I’ve been blessed—not because I deserve it, not because I’m smarter than others, not because I made right choices or I worked harder—I’m blessed by you, Father, from whom every good thing in my life has come.” Amen.

What do you take for granted in your life?



  1. Moving to a new place has caused me to see something that I took for granted… Being surrounded by people that know you. Being known and still being loved is a gift. New people in my life can like me but until they see the unlovely parts of me and still love me it is a different level of friendship. I am thankful for my new friends here. I think that they are mature enough for when the unlovely rises up in me but I am thankful that there are still the old friends and family that know me. (and love me anyway). The humbling experience of being loved in spite of those unlovely parts has enriched my life and my walk with the Lord. I know He can love me all the time..He loves me more than my famliy and friends and that is a lot!! Thank you, Friend for your writing and sharing of yourself..It does make a difference. My life is richer today for it!!

    • Thank you Jenny–you just made my day. Loving the unlovely is at the heart of the gospel and I’m still amazed when I stumble upon it–seeing others acting in love towards me or another. It’s wonderous. It’s Jesus. Blessings on you today, my friend!

  2. So well put – you have such a way with words! We all need to have our thoughts provoked, and you do it well.
    Jenny, I went on a 9 day road trip with you, and I love you even more!!!

    • Donna..that’s exactly (and one of the “who”s) I am talking about. Love you!!

  3. Thank’s Donna. I aspire to do with words what you do with the lens–bring him glory by using my gift–in my case my very little gift. Love you. tg

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