Posted by: Tom Gaddis | December 24, 2009

His Kingdom Will Never End

I find myself reflecting after a night of caroling at a local convalescent center. A team of us handed out poinsettias, prayed with some of the residents, and chatted with others about their life.

Wally, and Daisy—alert, alive, and full of stories, particularly inspired me.

Wally poured out a torrent of information on his visitors. It was one of those one-sided conversations where the person is starved to share and be listened to.

His smiling face gave no clue of the hard life he had experienced—war, divorces, amputation of his leg, and the eminent loss of his Medicare.

Daisy loves chocolate. Her eyes twinkle as she selects choice pieces for us from her hidden trove.

But sadly, a number of men and women we met are invisible. No one sees them. No one will be visiting them during the holidays. And it causes me to wonder how a person can come to the end of their life and have no family or friends?

This all got me thinking about getting older. Like everyone I met tonight, my outward man is wasting away. To think otherwise is folly. The evidence has been stacking up. My sons now swim faster, run harder, and can easily pound me at arm wrestling.

And wrinkles. Forget crow’s feet, some mornings I wake up looking like the whole crow.

But I find comfort in a particular phrasing by the angel Gabriel as he breaks the news to Mary that she’s to give birth to a baby named Jesus: “His kingdom will never end.”

Never end—I like that. This means, among a thousand other things, that the problems and struggles we face have an end. But his kingdom will never end. Old age is made irrelevant when you’re going to live forever.

Wally was asked tonight, “Are you getting any presents for Christmas?” His response was priceless as he pointed towards heaven: “No I’m not, I have the greatest gift you can have.”

Have a Merry Christmas.



  1. Thanks for sharing that sweet, beautiful, and encouraging reminder.

  2. Loved this meditation, Tom. It encouraged me in my current season of caring for my aging parents.

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