Posted by: Susan Gaddis | May 6, 2010

One Cup at a Time at Philz Coffee

Recently I traveled up to San Francisco to work with a group called Because Justice Matters. It was quite a weekend. As our parting tribute to San Francisco, my friends and I headed over to Philz Coffee for the best coffee in the city. Philz Coffee makes coffee one cup at a time. It is awesome!

According to their website, “Philz Coffee in San Francisco has developed a devoted following, and for good reason. The twenty blends that are now available by the pound are the result of 25 years of coffee alchemy and invention.”

Each cup of coffee is custom blended, ground and created as an individual coffee experience. The bartender asks you if you want cream or sugar, or anything resembling a latte, cappuccino or other normal coffee creation, but the result is beyond “normal.” Each individual cup is filtered and created right in front of you, and if you don’t like the results, the bartender will continue creating until you do.

My drink was very smooth and didn’t have that acid or burnt taste I sometimes find in coffee. Philz claims that, “the amount of beans we put into each cup is equivalent to 3 cups of your normal coffee so you will be as high as a plane!”

Seemed to have worked, because I didn’t need a second cup to send me on my way home to Atascadero.

To find a Philz Coffee the next time you take a Sabbatical or sabbath in the San Francisco area, check out their locations and maps. You will thank me for the recommendation.



  1. Hi, Tom I’m a staff pastor in Taft at New Life Community. I moved to Cambria to the Fiscalini Ranch to take care of my relatives. I’m looking for a church to attend and noticed your’s in the papper and did some reading up on your church, would love to come and join you this weekend.

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