Posted by: Susan Gaddis | May 20, 2010

How Do You Keep Your God-focus In a Complex Culture?

How do we keep our focus on God in a culture that is complex, fast-moving, and complicated? Even our church culture mimics the pace of the rest of society.

There always seems to be another service, mission trip, youth event, fund-raiser, Bible study, nursery duty, or worship practice demanding our time. Each of these activities is simply an activity—a good, spiritually enriching activity, but an activity none the less. Finding space for God as the center from which all life and activity originates doesn’t come easy.

In her book, Rest, Living in Sabbath Simplicity, Keri Wyatt Kent makes the case for practicing Sabbath with this statement, “In an ever-increasingly demanding world filled with complex relationships, technology, and dynamics, resulting in an overwhelming need to compartmentalize our lives, the strength and vitality provided by Sabbath-keeping allow us to respond with God at our core, which is exactly where God deserves to be.”

Keeping one day as your Sabbath allows you time to breathe God. It adjusts your posture to be one of God-standing with upright purpose and motives. This time of rest and refocusing allows you to enter your week with an inner resolve and sense of the necessary while discerning the optional.

How has Sabbath keeping helped you with your God-focus?


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