Posted by: Susan Gaddis | May 27, 2010

Why You Need a Sabbath Even When You Don’t Have Time

Sabbath is an experienced based decision–not necessarily a rational choice. You can research the subject of a Sabbath break and agree that it is a great idea, but like so many other things that add meaning and value to your life, you just have to do it to learn what you really need to know. Comprehending the benefits of a God cushioned day of rest only comes after the body and soul have “done” Sabbath.

You can study all about horses, but never experience what it is to ride a horse until your bottom rests on the saddle and movement responds to your hand upon the reins. An apple pie looks luscious, but eating a slice will tell you if it is an experience worth repeating.  It is the same with committing to a Sabbath day of rest.

Recently I read two articles interviewing 12 men and 9 women concerning the amount of time they work compared to days devoted to time off. Their comments reveal that on their way to building successful companies, burnout remains a future reality for the majority.  Most acknowledge they need to take more time off, but neglect to schedule such a luxury as Sabbath into their busy schedules.

What does your future hold if you fail to plan a day of rest each week into your schedule? Will you be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor if you avoid a day to refresh and take care of the engine that is your body, soul, and spirit?


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