Copyright regulations

We hope you enjoy our blog. However, all material writtten and posted by Tom and Susan Gaddis is copyrighted. Please observe these regulations if you distribute or use content from this blog (and we hope you do).

You are free to share, distribute or transmit any written work on this blog under the following conditions:

  • You must attribute the content that you are using by including our name/names and a link back to this blog.
  • Only excerpts of 50 words or less from an article can be published on other websites, blogs, or other publications.
  • You may not use this material for commercial purposes unless given pre-authorization.
  • If  you want to syndicate or distribute a full article on your website, please contact us for permission at Permission must be granted before you do syndicate or distribute a full article. Really, please ask! We’d love for you to share our material with proper acknowledgement and links, but do ask first.

You are not free to copy any of the photos as they belong to us or another person.

All copyright violations will be reported to your web hosting company as well as to our attorney. We hope that you will respect our creative writing.

Thank you for your help in preventing theft on the internet.

Tom and Susan Gaddis


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